zWest – RedM Zombies – The Undead Nightmare 2 you’ve been waiting for.

In zWest you will find a multitude of options to enhance your survival experience. We have plenty of features in the pipeline, ready for your consumption!
When breaking ground, it takes time to build something different. As we add features to zWest, we will continue to fill out this list.

If you have any suggestions, complaints, comments or just enjoyed our server, please join our Discord and let us know!!

zWest is a server made by gamers for gamers – so your input is paramout!

We hope you enjoy your stay in the apocalypse.

Zombie System

  •  Synced between Players.
  •  Day/Night System: Zombies at Night are more numerous and have a higher chance to be a “Runner”. Daytime is for Walkers.
  • Noise Sensitive: Sneak around zombies with crouching or walking, and avoid detection. Run or shoot your gun and watch them swarm!
  • Knockback: Zombies can knock you back, and knock you to the ground. Some items or features may offer you protection from this!
  • Loot: Zombies carry loot from their past lives, they wont mind if you take it.
  • Pets: Some pets may even auto loot zombies for you.
  • Magical Items: Holy water, for example, will cause zombies to fall to the ground when attacking you.

Health System

  •  Death: Dying will cause you to respawn at the nearest safe zone, unless revived by players with certain items.
  •  Dropped Inventory Upon death, all the contents of your inventory will be dropped onto the ground for other players to loot. Reach your body first to get your stuff back!
  •  Items: There are plenty of items to nurse yourself back to health like bandages, first aid, health cures and even bitters. Some Items even give your health/stamina a temporary boost!
  • Injuries: When your health/stamina is lower, you will struggle to run and do other tasks. Be careful out there, and treat your body like a temple!

Faction System

  •  Furniture: Craft, Buy, Edit and Build your base!
  •  Storage:  Place a chest for you and your faction to deposit goods and/or money.
  •  Upgrades: Upgrade your base camp to access better furniture, defenses and missions!
  • Daily Missions: Complete daily missions with your faction for Gold Coin rewards!
  • Permissions: Allow and Deny certain members to do certain actions.
  • Faction Chat: A Specific chat just for your faction.
  • Events: Claim lost treasure, capture safezones with your faction!
  • Raids: Plunder enemy faction camps for their loot!

Safe Zones

  •  Clothing Shop: Buy clothes, create outfits
  •  Wardrobe: Access your saved Outfits
  •  Barber: Get yourself a new head of hair, or beard.
  •  Pet Shop: Purchase a pet for the lonely apocalypse.
  •  Stables: Every cowboy needs a horse.
  •  Crafting: Cook food, craft base components, tonics, weapons, and more!
  •  Buy, Sell and Trade: Sell your hunts to the butcher, or trade items with players.
  •  Water Treatment: Boil your dirty water in order to stay hydrated
  •  Bank & Storage: Keep your items safe from the undead, and the living.
  •  Weapon Shop: Purchase yourself some protection.

Curse System

  •  Cure: The only cure to curses is death, without player revive.
  •  Zombie Infection:  Resistance to Knockback, Increase Melee Damage. Cannot Use Guns, Can Infect others, Gets damaged every minute.
  •  Vampirism: Increased speed and Melee damage, takes damage every minute while in the sun.
  • Lycanthropy: Immunity to Knockback, Greately Increase Melee Damage. Increased Damage taken by bladed weapons and guns.

.... And many more systems!

  •  Chat System: Proximity Chat / Faction chat and a private message (/pm) command.
  •  Bounty Hunting System: Place/Claim Player Bounties (Preview Soon)
  • Fishing System: (Preview Soon)
  •  Leaderboards: Preview
  • Daily Missions: Preview
  • Crafting: Preview
  • Pet System: Preview
  • Treasure Hunting: Preview
  • Loot System: Preview
  • Gathering: Preview 1 | Preview 2